Photography Friday


I completely forgot about posting my Photography Friday post! Actually, I kind of spaced blog posting all week. This week has been absolutely insane. We are getting ready for the Summer Reading Program so I have been very busy. I was lucky to have the day off yesterday in exchange for Memorial day (long story) so Raf and I went for a walk around Tubbs Hill in Coeur d’Alene. It was really nice.

Oh, to have a president who reads…


From Omnivoracious

This post made me smile today. Wouldn’t it be great to have a president that actually likes to read?

Also, isn’t this a fantastic photograph (Taken by Doug Mills of the New York Times) ?I’m impressed. Look how perfectly in focus Mr. Obama is. And great contrast!

You can read the actual post here:
OMNIVORACIOUS: Airplane (Tarmac) Reading: Barack Obama

Just what I needed to read. At this very moment.


I was doing my daily rounds of blog reading yesterday and I stumbled on this blog post at Zen Habits (a great blog, btw). One of the readers of Zen Habits was able to see the Dalai Lama in Seattle and he took notes to send along to Leo so he could post them. Wow. First of all, why didn’t I make the short trip to Seattle to see the Dalai Lama myself? But I digress. This little snipped really jumped out at me and resonated very strongly:

. . .he spoke on all people being connected, and their flourishing allowing us all to prosper. Helping one person helps yourself, helping one country helps yours, helping one continent helps your own, etc. By the same token, the destruction of your enemy is the destruction of yourself; your enemy is a part of yourself.

What more can one say about that? It’s truth speaks volumes. I want to print this up and post it where I will see it everyday.

Crafty Monday: a couple ‘o bags


Somewhere around May 6th or 7th this thought popped into my head: “oh shit! Mother’s day is coming up this weekend!” So I scrambled to figure out what to do about this. My biggest dilemma was figuring out what to get for my mother in-law since I would have to send it to her. I decided that I would give both of my mothers some of the best hand cream I have ever tried. It’s made locally. The company is called Body Natural. The only place I know that sells it is Fresh Abundance. So I dashed over there to buy some. I also picked up some locally made soap from the same company. Then I decided to knit a little bag to put the gifts in. I used the gift bag pattern that is in “Last Minute Knitted Gifts.” I happened to have some cotton yarn laying around and used that.

soap bagAs I was knitting the bag I realized that it could be used as a washrag and the soap could be inside the bag (I can’t be the first person to have thought of that). So I decided to improve on the gift bag style and I knitted a little bag using the hat pattern in Walker’s “knitting from the top.” I was able to knit the bag to the size of the bar of soap that I had and then I made the cord long enough to make little handles that could be hung on the shower. Not bad, eh? I’m pretty satisfied with myself right now.

Both my mothers loved the present. The “washcloth” thing worked. And they are in agreement that the hand cream is, indeed, the best they have ever used.

Ravelry pages for these projects are here and here.