Dead Lucky by Lincoln Hall

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Dead Lucky: Life after death on Mount Everest It is a rare treat to find a book that I can’t put down. Don’t you love that? Reading a story that is so interesting and exciting that you just want to keep going? This week I read “Dead Lucky: Life after Death on Mount Everest” by Lincoln Hall. This book was so good that I read the acknowledgments at the end. Seriously. An absolutely amazing story.

Lincoln Hall is a veteran climber from Australia. He has written several books in the Mountain Climbing genre and is quite well known among these Mountaineering types.  He attempted Everest in his twenties but was not able summit (I believe White Limbo chronicles this attempt).  He continued climbing through the years but then settled in with his family in Australia living a nice life. However, when he was approached to be a photographer for a climb involving the youngest climber to attempt the summit he decided it was something he had to do.

He makes the summit but on the way down, just below the summit things began to go very wrong. He started hallucinating and when he fell down in the snow to “rest” he could not be revived by his team so he was left for dead not far below the summit.  News travelled fast. His family was notified, the media were notified and people in Australia and around the world mourned Lincoln Hall’s death.

The next morning another team of climbers were attempting the summit and saw someone sitting up and moving around. The went over to him and the man said, “I bet your are surprised to see me here.” The men asked what his name was and he said, “I’m Lincoln Hall.” Unbelievably, Hall survived a night at the top of Mt. Everest. This has never happened before. Even more unbelievably, Hall walked down most of the mountain! Albeit confused, but he did it. His walk down the mountain is even more unbelievable. I won’t give you the details because I want you to read the book, but the story is absolutely jaw dropping.

The book is very well written, as can be expected by an experienced writer. He puts his reader on the mountain with him as he his sitting through the night. You are going through the hallucinations with him and you are there with him when he suddenly realizes where he is and that he as to survive this. Amazing stuff.

This has to be one of the best books I have ever read. The story is truly amazing. I highly recommend it.


Hiking at Farragut State Park

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forest path

On Sunday Raf and I went for our weekly hike. We chose to got to Farragut State Park in Idaho. I love this park. We used to camp here when I was a kid and I have good memories of swimming around in Beaver Bay.

We decided to follow a trail laid on in the appendix of the book, “100 hikes in the Inland Northwest” by Rich Landers. It was called High Trail (or something like that) and it took us climbing up rocks and boulders high above Lake Pend O’Rielle. It is beautiful, but also more strenuous than I’m used to.

When we were about a mile away from the car, on more level ground (thank god) I stepped down a small hill and my knee gave out. I’m not sure what happens physiologically when this happens but I think my knee popped out of joint, and then right back in.

This has happened periodically for most of my adult life. The first time I was in a mosh pit and I think I injured something. I couldn’t walk without crutches for awhile. I went to urgent care but didn’t have insurance so didn’t go see a doctor for follow up. The knee popping out thing has happened ever since with varying amounts of pain. I’ve been pretty good for awhile now. More than ten years I think.

When It happened on Sunday I fell to the in the most excruciating pain. Seriously. This is the most painful thing I have ever had to endure. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that it will subside shortly, and it does. But for about a minute is it the worst pain ever. When the pain subsided I tried to get up and walk to see if I had torn a ligament or anything. I hadn’t and I was very relieved. My knee ached but I could walk. I started down the path but then started to feel kind of woozy. I had to lean on Raf as I was feeling this way. It started to get worse and I started to kind of worry. I broke out into a cold sweat and my hearing started to get “tinny” if that makes sense. Everything was muffled. Raf said he thought I passed out while he was holding me and I might have for a second. He had me sit down and rest for a bit. I started feeling better. I was so relieved. It kind of freaked me out that this was all happening in the middle of the forest! After awhile I felt good enough to stand up and walk. Raf found a nice branch that acted as as staff and I was able to walk back to the car.

My knee seems to be o.k. I have been taking it easy with the running but I have been able to walk to work with no problems.

Quite the week


raindrops, originally uploaded by CraftyMoni.

I kind of forgot to post all week! It’s been rather eventful.

1. I got introduced to Plurk and my time has been sucked into a sinkhole. Seriously though, it is fun. Please come and friend me if you are already there. It’s a riot. Someone described it as “Instant Messaging on steroids” and I would have to agree.

2. Raf bought me Guitar Hero III for our anniversary present. It is sooo fun. I am kind of kicking ass on it right now, too. Of course I’m in easy mode. But still. It feels good to kick ass at something.

3. It snowed! I think it was Tuesday morning..I woke up in the middle of the night shivering and thinking I had the chills from a fever or something. Actually, the temperature dropped down to the 30s. It was 34 degrees outside when I woke up! In June! Then as I was getting ready for work I looked outside and saw that it was snowing. I couldn’t believe it. Never in my life have I seen snow in June. That is unacceptable.

4. We had a crazy storm this week, too. Besides the snow. When I got off work it was nice and sunny. I came home and was playing Guitar Hero when I heard this weird noise. Something was hitting our roof. I looked outside and saw there there was hail the size of Marbles raining down on us! It was insane. It tore gigantic holes in my hosta plants.

That’s all for now. Have a happy weekend, everyone!

Wallace Falls State Park

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deep dark forest
Our original plan was to camp at Mt. Hood. However, we knew it was going to rain so we searched around for parks in Washington and Oregon with cabins or yurts. We decided on Wallace Falls State Park in the North Cascades near Mt. Baker. I had never heard of it, but liked that it had lots of hiking. So on Wednesday morning we packed up the car and headed West.

The drive over there was fantastic! Good Lord, the Cascade Mountains are gorgeous. I had forgotten after being away from Washington for so long.

We got there and were directed to the cabin. Raf laughed when he saw it. It was super clean! And it had heat and electricity. We were really roughing it!

lower falls the next day

The hiking was fantastic. The next day we went on the 3 mile hike to the upper falls. It was absolutely breathtaking. Better than Multnomah Falls, in my opinion. There are three parts to the falls: lower, middle, and upper. The lower falls is the halfway point and there is a lovely picnic area there. The hike gets kind of steep after that but there are lots of nice benches that one can rest on as they go up the trail. The upper falls are in the deep forest. The picture above was taken at the top. It is think and lush, and dark. It was raining pretty hard by that time and it was very foggy. The trail continues but there are signs that say people tend to get lost after this point. They also had a news paper article about two sisters who got lost in this forest for two days because they lost the trail.

I’m not in the best shape, so we didn’t venture further. We turned around and headed down. It was steep so my toes got bruised from being pushed against the front of my shoes. It was so worth it, though! What a beautiful hike.

We came home on Friday morning first thing. I kind of regret leaving so early but it was raining really hard. I was kind of done with the rain. We had fun, though. You can check out the rest of my pictures on my Wallace Falls Flickr set.