Wallace Falls State Park

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deep dark forest
Our original plan was to camp at Mt. Hood. However, we knew it was going to rain so we searched around for parks in Washington and Oregon with cabins or yurts. We decided on Wallace Falls State Park in the North Cascades near Mt. Baker. I had never heard of it, but liked that it had lots of hiking. So on Wednesday morning we packed up the car and headed West.

The drive over there was fantastic! Good Lord, the Cascade Mountains are gorgeous. I had forgotten after being away from Washington for so long.

We got there and were directed to the cabin. Raf laughed when he saw it. It was super clean! And it had heat and electricity. We were really roughing it!

lower falls the next day

The hiking was fantastic. The next day we went on the 3 mile hike to the upper falls. It was absolutely breathtaking. Better than Multnomah Falls, in my opinion. There are three parts to the falls: lower, middle, and upper. The lower falls is the halfway point and there is a lovely picnic area there. The hike gets kind of steep after that but there are lots of nice benches that one can rest on as they go up the trail. The upper falls are in the deep forest. The picture above was taken at the top. It is think and lush, and dark. It was raining pretty hard by that time and it was very foggy. The trail continues but there are signs that say people tend to get lost after this point. They also had a news paper article about two sisters who got lost in this forest for two days because they lost the trail.

I’m not in the best shape, so we didn’t venture further. We turned around and headed down. It was steep so my toes got bruised from being pushed against the front of my shoes. It was so worth it, though! What a beautiful hike.

We came home on Friday morning first thing. I kind of regret leaving so early but it was raining really hard. I was kind of done with the rain. We had fun, though. You can check out the rest of my pictures on my Wallace Falls Flickr set.