Quite the week


raindrops, originally uploaded by CraftyMoni.

I kind of forgot to post all week! It’s been rather eventful.

1. I got introduced to Plurk and my time has been sucked into a sinkhole. Seriously though, it is fun. Please come and friend me if you are already there. It’s a riot. Someone described it as “Instant Messaging on steroids” and I would have to agree.

2. Raf bought me Guitar Hero III for our anniversary present. It is sooo fun. I am kind of kicking ass on it right now, too. Of course I’m in easy mode. But still. It feels good to kick ass at something.

3. It snowed! I think it was Tuesday morning..I woke up in the middle of the night shivering and thinking I had the chills from a fever or something. Actually, the temperature dropped down to the 30s. It was 34 degrees outside when I woke up! In June! Then as I was getting ready for work I looked outside and saw that it was snowing. I couldn’t believe it. Never in my life have I seen snow in June. That is unacceptable.

4. We had a crazy storm this week, too. Besides the snow. When I got off work it was nice and sunny. I came home and was playing Guitar Hero when I heard this weird noise. Something was hitting our roof. I looked outside and saw there there was hail the size of Marbles raining down on us! It was insane. It tore gigantic holes in my hosta plants.

That’s all for now. Have a happy weekend, everyone!