A story about water



This is a very early memory. So early, that I don’t even know if it really happened. But, regardless, it is something that I remember.

I was camping with my family at a lake. We were all camping in our big tent, or maybe it was out tent trailer. I remember that I was sleeping near my mom. Possibly in between my mom and dad. Everyone was asleep and it was very late at night and very dark outside.

I remember it being very quiet. Quiet but for the one tiny thing I heard. This thing was a voice. The voice of someone crying “Help” over and over again in an almost rhythmic way. The voice was very distant, I remember. And even at my very young age I knew that it was someone on the lake.

I remember being alarmed by this and I don’t know if I woke up my parents, or if my parents woke me up by talking about it. But I do remember feeling a sense of worry because of the vibe that was coming from them.

This memory has kind of haunted me my whole life.

I don’t know if it is real, though. Who knows, it could have been just an animal, or even just my imagination.

I should ask my mom about it, to see if she remembers.

Update: I asked my mom about this and she said that it did, indeed, happen. I was around 4 years old. She also said that I was sick and was running a really high fever. She didn’t think it was someone calling for help, though. She thought it was someone doing some kind of pow-wow dance nearby…or something along those lines. But she did say that she was really frightened, which is why I remember it. I remember being freaked out, as well.