Crafty Monday: Morning Surf Scarf


080804When I picked up the current issue of Spinoff Magazine I knew I had to buy it for the Morning Surf Scarf pattern. How perfect is this for the Water element of Project Spectrum? Absolutely perfect! And I knew exactly which yarn I wanted to use for it, too. I was going to use some silk yarn that I spun up out of silk hankies. Since I finished spinning it I have had trouble finding the right pattern for this yarn. I have tried a few and none really fit. So the Morning Surf Scarf! I was stoked! And excited to cast on.

I decided to wait until the first of August to start. That is when the Water Element months kick in. I was itchy to start, but I would hold off. I would make something else first.

I cast on the scarf on August 1st and knit a lot of it. But you know what? I came to the sad conclusion that I wouldn’t have enough yarn. Plus, I wasn’t super happy with the results. sigh. So, instead, I pulled out some other hand-spun yarn in my stash. This was spun with some Yarn Pirate dyed BFL in a colorway called Spinaker.

I cast on and started knitting. You know what? After a few pattern repeats I knew it had to be fate. This yarn and this pattern were absolutely made for each other. The pattern and yarn combo replicates surf undulating on the sand. I absolutely love it.