Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

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Well, I drank the Kool-aide.

Yes, I loved it. I Couldn’t put it down. Couldn’t get enough of it. Want more of it.

I went into it very skeptical. I am not a fan of the vampire story genre. In fact I couldn’t get through the first chapter of The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. But I really, really enjoyed this book.

Some of the dialog is really cheesy as is the whole, “You can’t love me because I’m too dangerous” thing. But I still loved it and can’t wait to read the next one.

If you are not familiar with the plot it can be summed up:
Girl falls in love with a vampire. Vampire falls in love with a girl. Vampire wants to murder girl but saves her life multiple times instead.

It really appealed to my inner teenager girl. I definitely recommend it. I is every bit as good as everyone says it is.