crafty distractions

  I received my held copy of Mason Dixon Knitting: Outside the lines from the library. Can I say? I love it. I think I need to buy it because I want to make lots of patterns from the book. I was immediately intrigued by a pattern they call the Cardi Cozy. It is a […]

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little fluffies

I took this after work last Friday (I think). It was one of those days where i was just not in the mood to do my picture of the day. But then when I started taking pictures I started seeing all of these wonderful things that I could take pictures of. So snapped this one. […]

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A couple of political tidbits

First of all, I am really happy to have learned that Obama didn’t give in to McCain trying to bow out of the first debate on the pretense that he feels the need to fix the economic problem. And I really like Obama’s answer to it: “It’s going to be part of the president’s job […]

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Life in 2 inch strips

So last Saturday I woke up and as I laid there in bed I thought about (as I often do) crafting. Usually I think about my current project but not this time. This time I was thinking about a certain kit that had in my closet. A quilt kit that had been sitting in there […]

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