Crafty Monday: Another change of plans


skull cap

The last time I posted I was all excited about my current Soctoberfest project, a mystery sock knitted two at a time on two circs. well, the love didn’t last long. Honeymoon was over really fast on that project. The picture is the result of the tangled mess that came about. ugh. I reminded me of why I didn’t like doing this the first time. I like the idea of it. Knitting two socks at once is a fantastic idea. But the reality is not for me. I can’t deal with extra strings hanging all over to get twisted.

I don’t have another sock pattern lined up for Socktoberfest. I’m not going to be knitting the mystery sock. I kind of lost my sock knitting mojo with that. I don’t have much sock knitting mojo to begin with. Part of what frustrates me about hand knitted socks are holes. In the past month I have found holes worn through tree pairs of my handknitted socks! So now I have to figure out how to darn them. What a pain in the friggen ass! Why not just buy cheap socks at Target and then when they wear out I can just throw them out without the guilt?

Maybe sock knitting just isn’t for me, you know?

skull capI’ll tell you what is for me, thought. Hats. I love knitting hats! And I took a break from Jess (which has been killing my hands to knit “We Call Them Pirates.” There it is in the picture. I just had a hankering to knit skulls in fair isle. And I had the yarn hanging around. So there. I knitted the lining in some hot pink Lion Microfiber:

Ravelry link here.

Happy Monday!

It’s Friday


Interesting week. Last night I had the delight of listening to Sherman Alexie speak. he read the last chapter of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” and it was amazing. It was especially cool to see so many high school students at the talk. And many of them were boys! High School boys excited about a book! It was awesome!