A mystery sock


It’s the beginning of October (and we’re already almost a week in at that!). For me that means it’s time forSocktoberfest! I wasn’t really feeling like participating this year. I looked at several sock patterns and just wasn’t feelin’ it. Then I read about a “Mystery Sock Pattern” (brought to us by “Through the Loops“) on Lolly’s blog and I was intrigued! So I decided to jump in. Each Wednesday we are presented with clues. This week it was the cuff. It took me a few hours to knit the one you see in that picture up there. I was kind of debating whether I should just wait until I’ve knitted the first sock (after all of the clues were revealed) or just cast on for the second cuff. I went ahead and knitted the second cuff on dpns. THEN I started to think in really insane terms. What if I tried knitting them both at the same time on two circulars? I have tried this once before but have never tried it again, probably because I didn’t like it. Well, I decided to give it another go.

two at a time

In other knitting news:

I am on the first sleeve of Jess! I’m looking forward to finishing this sweater. I seem to be on a knitting roll with it the past few days.

The Cardi Cozy is resting for a bit. I’ve been reading through “Knitting from top” for some ideas on what kind of double increases to do.

Happy Monday!