Crafty Monday: Pfeiffer Falls


Pfieffer Falls Hood

I finished my Pfeiffer Falls hooded scarf earlier this week! This is first project (that I can remember) in which I really enjoyed the process of knitting. In fact, this is what I’ve been knitting during the hell that is the current winter we are having and if it weren’t for this project (or knitting in general) I think I would have lost my marbles. Yes, it was very Zen. I enjoyed knitting this immensely. While I knitted this I listened to The Hunger Games almost non-stop, so it will also always remind me of this wonderful book (I’ll talk about that later on this week).

So I liked it. I think the finished product is cute and it will get lots of use this winter. I had almost an entire ball of yarn leftover so I made a hat to match, for those extra cold days.

Here’s my Ravelry info if you’re interested.