Goodbye Squeaker



My mom called me a couple of hours ago when I was waiting for Raf at the dentist office. She called to ask me if I could make her something out of her dog, Squeaker’s, fur. I said, “Yes, but why? What happened?” She told me that they had to put her to sleep. She was on her way home from the vet’s office when she called.

I had just seen her yesterday morning when I went over to visit. She was her usual, sweet self. She was happy to see me and brought her favorite chew toy up to me, wagging her tail. As I usually do I petted and hugged her and just gave her some love. I love my mom’s dogs and look forward to seeing them when I go over there.

I guess a little while after I left they couldn’t find her. So they looked around the house and found her in the basement. Something was wrong with her leg and, upon closer inspection, they noticed it was broken. They took her to the vet this morning where the vet determined that the reason why her bone had broken so easily was because there was a tumor in her leg which made the bone really soft. The only thing the vet could do was amputate the leg. My mom couldn’t bear that for Squeaker so she had her put to sleep. She had the vet shave off some fur from her back so that I could spin it into yarn and make something with it.

I’m so glad I went over there yesterday so I could see her one last time. She was the sweetest dog in the world and I’m going to miss her.