Crafty Monday: What I'm Working On


Silk Garden Cardi Last weekend I sewed a skirt and actually sewed in my first zipper. And I didn’t completely lose my mind in the process! It was quite an accomplishment! But I decided to not take a picture of it. It’s black and I didn’t think it would make an interesting subject. So instead I thought I would show you what I’m working on at the moment. The sweater on the left has been a really fun project. It’s actually yarn from my Silk Garden Clapotis, frogged about a month ago. I am following the directions for the Classic Raglan Cardigan in Barbara Walker’s Knitting From the Top.  I have a favorite sweater that I bought a Banana Republic several years ago and it’s getting worn out. I thought I would make something with a similar shape. I’m really liking how this is turning out! It’s going to actually fit, which is a good thing.

Gail's Scarf The other thing I’m working on is a scarf made out of some handspun yarn that I’ve had in my stash. I told you about how I’ve been carrying around a box of my friend’s dog’s fur for years, right? Well have spun some into yarn and I’m making her something with it. This is my third attempt at a lace scarf. I finally found something easy enough. I hate knitting lace. I think I have come to realize that it’s the charts. I can’t wrap my mind around those charts. I don’t know why because I’m generally a visual person but I just have the hardest time reading charts. I do so much better when instructions are written out. And it helps when the pattern is very easy.