Crafty Monday: Weaving!


WeavingI got some birthday money so I decided to buy a loom with it. I’ve been tempted to start weaving for a few years now. I think the thing that brought me over the edge was the Winter 2009 issue of Spin-off magazine. There are a couple of articles on beginning weaving and that just was enough to make me take the plunge. So I did. I went to Paradise Fibers on Saturday (fricken FANTASTIC store by the way. They are primarily an online store but they invite the public to the warehouse and it’s AWESOME). I bought a Beka 10″ Rigid Heddle child’s loom. It comes pre-warped with a project already started so I started weaving right away. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. At the moment I’m still working on the warp that came with the loom and adding in some different kinds of yarns to see what it looks like. I’m having fun with it! I’m trying to figure out how to make everything even but I imagine that will come with more practice. Next I am planning on making a scarf with some Silk Garden that I just bought. The warp with be some left over Eco Wool from my last project.

Silk Garden Sweater in progressIn knitting news, I’m still working away on my Silk Garden cardi. I just finished the sleeves and now I’m on to the body. I love this project! It fits me perfectly. I’m actually taking the time to figure out the math to make it work. So I’m proud of myself! It will be hard to go back to a regular pattern after this. it is really awesome to make something knowing that it is actually going to fit when I’m done.