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I’m totally ripping this off from Dianne from her  Daffodil Lane days (also the proprietess of  Dianne’s Dishes).  She would post links to some news around the interwebz that caught her eye. I’ve always thought that was a cool idea (come to think of it, I’ve seen in in lots of other places, Allie’s Answers and Mellowtrouble come to mind) and I’m thinking I’ll do this on Wednesdays.

O.k. How pissed off are we getting about the A.I.G. fiasco? Personally, my blood is boiling. There is a culture of greed in this country that really needs to go away.

I want to make yarn out of plastic grocery bags and weave fabric out of it to make this bag (scroll down a bit).

This is a horribly sad story. I really thought she was a great actress and so young! ugh. another reason why I won’t ever ski again. It really is a dangerous sport. I’m always hearing about deaths on the ski slopes.

This is also a sad local story. The moose and her calf were actually wandering around my Dad’s neighborhood a week ago and nibbled on the plants in thier yard. The “accident” actually took place in front of my brother’s work. He told me the whole story last weekend. It was really upsetting to the people who witnessed it, especially the kids in the daycare next door.

I’m not happy that off-duty cops in this town can shoot someone in the back of the head while they are running away from them and then get off scott- free.

However, it is possible that justice will be served.

Oh! Did you hear the story about the cat stuck in the sofa?