On missing Santa Cruz

Sometimes I feel like I am living in an alternate universe. It’s as if I walked through a wormhole and I ended up in Spokane while my other self is still living in Santa Cruz. Sometimes I can feel my other self when I think about Santa Cruz. I will focus on a certain aspect […]

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What’s going on

WA State has it’s first suicide via the Death with Dignity law. This was a frightening story about an internet stalker. These are great photos that look like they might have been Photoshopped but were not. Obama’s picks Sonia Sotomayer for Supreme Court Justice. I am pleased. This, however, is disappointing. C’mon California! Get with […]

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What’s Going On

I thought this look into Kerouac‘s “other” writing fascinating. Dude. I think I’m going with insane. The oldest man to summit Everest is from Spokane. And he did it Tuesday. Has the missing link been found?

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