Crafty Monday: a t-shirt skirt


6.29.2009.skirtI made this skirt yesterday out of some of my husband’s old skateboarding t-shirts. I’ve made this skirt before with a different set of t-shirts, in black, and I wear it all the time. It’s the most comfortable piece of clothing I own, I swear. So I thought I needed another one. This is a pattern from the book, Generation T (an, ok, when I just did my search I noticed that there is a new Generation T book out. I am so getting it!). It was dead easy to make. I screwed up the first time around (on this one) I accidentally made the waist too big, but it was easy to rip out and cut the top parts of the skirt smaller. I am thinking that with both of my skirts I will put in a drawstring.

Raf and I laughed about the X-Small graphic on the side of the skirt. I told him I could wear the graphic in the back and then be all ironic. If you get what I mean. ahem.