Manito Park

  I went to Manito Park last Saturday to meet some fellow Spokane Flickr people. I hadn’t been there for a couple of years, which is just ridiculous. I need to get over there more often. Note: I just now realized that I published this on Thursday, rather than Friday. wishful thinking much? sigh. Advertisements

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What’s Going On

Freaking AMAZING photography right here. Click and be blown away. I especially like how he enhances wrinkles and pores, rather than erasing them. I read that Alexis Cohen, a young contestant from American Idol died over the weekend while crossing the street. Given past events, stories like this catch my eye. I didn’t know who […]

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Crafty Monday: One sock down.

I finally finished this Noro Silk Garden sock that I started last week. I actually knit this up to the point where I turned the heel and started on the leg and decided to frog and start over. It was too big. I’ve really enjoyed the easy stockinette knitting with this. I’ve been able to […]

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Photography Friday

  Raf and I went for a walk last weekend in ninety degree heat, all in the sun. It was absolutely insane. Here’s a picture I took while on the walk. Last weekend I finally made an Etsy site for my photos! You can find me here: I’m still trying to figure out what […]

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What’s Going On

Here’s something to be proud of: According to, Spokane is the Scam Capital of America! Yay! Welcome to Spokane! If you ain’t stealing you’ve been robbed! An interview with the person behind the ALAsecrets twitter account. Walter Cronkite and Frank McCourt died this week. I really liked them both. I am especially sad about […]

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