Crafty Monday: WIPS


I just thought I’d post really quickly on the projects I’m currently working on. The first are the heel flap basic socks from “Socks from the toe up” by Wendy Johnson. I’m knitting these with the last of that ghastly Knit Picks yarn I bought, originally, for a Clapotis. If you’ve read my knitting blog, Black Sheep you might remember that disaster. :shudder: I bought something like 4 or 5 hanks of this yarn and it’s been sitting in my stash for 4 years. So I thought I’d use it for these simple socks. And you know what? I’m not hating the colorway so much. It seems to work better for socks than for shawls.

I’m also working on the Zick Zack Tunic (designed by the fabulous Neoknits) from the Spring ’09 IK. I’m using Misti Alpaca Laceweight. And here’s a macro shot of what I have started (since it isn’t much):



In knitting news: New Socks!


I finished my Silk Garden socks about a week ago when we were on our little mini-vacay at Timberline Lodge (which I still need to write about). I knitted on these everywhere and got lots of knitting done in the car on the way up the mountain. I have really been enjoying knitting regular-old stockinette socks lately. No fancy pants stitch patterns. Just nice, easy stockinette. There is something so comforting and relaxing about it. I’ve decided that plain old socks are the mashed potatoes of the sock knitting world. Pure comfort.

This is the Gusset Heel Basic Sock pattern by Wendy Johnson. While I enjoyed the process of knitting these, don’t like how they fit. There is something about the gusset heel that makes them feel loose around my ankles. I have very odd-shaped feet, though. I’m currently working on the basic heel flap socks from the same book (Socks from the toe up) and really liking the fit of those so far. So yay!

As for the yarn, I really liked it! It’s Silk Garden, only thinner. If you don’t like Silk Garden you probably won’t like this. It has the slightly scratchy quality of the worsted weight. I mostly like it because of the beautiful colors. I really like how these knitted up with mismatched stripes. It would probably drive someone else a little bit nuts (my perfectionist friends) so that’s something to keep in mind if you decide to buy this yarn.

Here’s the Ravelry information if you need the minute details. Happy knitting!

Photography Friday: Rams Head Bar



We took a quick trip to Mt. Hood last weekend to stay at the Timberline Lodge for two nights. It was amazing. I will post more details about it in a later post. But for now, here is a shot of the bar at the Rams Head Bar in the Lodge.

Happy Friday!

The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, #1) The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, a futuristic, dystopian version of the United States. Panem is ruled by The Capital and is surrounded by districts that are poor and, basically, survive to supply The Capital with all of their needs for their lavish lifestyle. In the recent past the districts rose up against in revolution against the Capital but did not succeed. To remind the districts of their failure they created “The Hunger Games.” Each person between the ages of (I think) 15 and 18 must put their names into a lottery. Then, each year a boy and a girl from each district is chosen to participate in these games. The games are very popular in the Capital and great care is taken¬† to create a lavish setting. The basic idea is that the last remaining survivor is the winner of the games. And, yes, part of that survival means killing your opponents.The districts are forced to watch the games.

So Katniss, the character of this story ends up participating in the Hunger Games when she decides to take the place of her sister who was chosen in the lottery. Peeta, the The baker’s son, is the boy chosen for district 12. Things get complicated when Peeta reveals that he has feelings for Katniss. Katniss decides to play this card because the audience loves good drama (they like to send gifts to their favorite players)¬† but then realizes that she might have feelings for him, as well. So what does she do? Does she kill him so that she can win? Or does she let herself die so Peeta can have a chance of being the winner?

I absolutely loved this book. Collins can write a fantastic, compelling story. And the characters were well drawn, to boot. I loved Katniss. She is strong and can take care of herself. I like that. I couldn’t recommend this book enough. It’s a fun read and you won’t want to put the book down until it is finished.

I will post my thoughts on the follow-up Catching Fire later, since this post is kind of long as it is.