Photography Friday: A view from Multnomah Falls


For some weird reason on Saturday we decided to go visit Multnomah Falls. We’ve been there before, quite a few times actually. We would often stop there on our way to someplace else. It was a nice break from the driving.

It was a beautiful day so we thought we would go check it out. Wow. what a mistake. We kind of had forgotten how many tourists this place draws on any given day (and especially on a Saturday). We decided to start walking the path up to the top of the falls but got about halfway and decided to try someplace else. There were too many people. On our drive home we realized that we have Mt. freakin’ Hood in our back yard. Literally, in our back yard. So we drove up the highway a few short miles and discovered Little Zigzag falls, where there were hardly any people.

A Crafty Post


Princess Hair

A couple of months ago when I interviewed for this job, I stopped into the little yarn shop across the street from the library, Designer Yarns. They had a wonderful selection of spinning fiber from local places. I saw this alpaca/silk blend and had to have it. Rafael, when he saw it, said it looks like princess hair. And I had to agree. It’s soft like what you would imagine princess hair to be, too.

handspun yarnSo I started spinning it. I decided to spin it into a lace/fingering weight yarn, so I could get as much out of it as I could. And I decided to not ply it. When I spin yarn it gives me opportunity to ask myself what the yarn wants to be eventually, and I asked that as I was spinning. The Whisper Cardigan came into my mind. I’ve been wanting a nice, simple cardi like that for awhile. However, I have had reservations about how it would look on me. I’m not so sure I like how it looks on regular people when I look on Ravelry.

Enter the Featherweight cardigan, by the same designer. I had never heard of this design until someone on Ravelry posted their own hand-spun sweater in a forum I belong to. It was gorgeous! and the perfect pattern. It, to me, is a more flattering design.

So that’s what this yarn will be eventually. In who knows how long. I’ll update you with my progress.

We’re Here!



We’ve been living in Sandy for a whole week now! And I survived my first week of work. It’s been amazing. My job is wonderful. My new surroundings are breathtaking.

This weekend we decided to try out a couple of hiking spots in our backyard. I checked out 100 hikes in Northwest Oregon. . . from the library and we tried a couple of them. On Saturday we hiked the short trail to the beautiful Little Zig Zag Falls (photo above). The trail-head had an interesting history marker that pointed out the fact that what we were parked on was the old Mt. Hood Highway, which was also (I believe) a part of the Barlow Road, one of the first routes over Mt. Hood.

This place has such a rich, interesting history! I can’t wait to learn it all.

just an update



Well, I guess I lied when I said I wouldn’t post until I moved. I thought I would give a little update on the move and show you a picture that I took from our trip last month to San Jose.

We found a place to live in Sandy. We drove over there last weekend to get this all figured out. Our application for the first place we wanted finally got approved two weeks after we sent it in so we thought we should go over and take a look at it. It looks pretty good! It’s a two bedroom and it has a dishwasher and washer/dryer hookups, which is all I really care about. I refuse to go back to using a laundromat and I refuse to go back to washing dishes by hand.

We have decided to sell our house. We have this really great Realtor (who called us) working for us and I really think he’s going to sell it so that we can get our equity back. So that’s looking very positive.

In the meantime, we are packing up the house and are planning on moving this Friday. I’m really looking forward to moving to Oregon. I feel so blessed right now. Things are looking up.