As I mentioned yesterday I got the SCOBY from my coworker. He had it in a glass jar for me with some very detailed instructions on what to do with it. There was also a cup of fermented kombucha tea in the glass container as well. The instructions said to pour the kombucha tea into my plain tea (pre-steeped) and then stir with a wooden spoon. After I did that I took out the SCOBY and had a good look at it. As you can see it looks like a small pancake. It’s very thin. It’s very slimy. It smells very strong. Rafael said it smelled like feet. I don’t really think so, but it has a vinegar-y smell.

SCOBY in the tea

The SCOBY in the jar

So then I put it in my jar, dark side down. I covered it with a few layers of paper towels and secured them with rubber bands. Then I placed in a bag and put it in a dark place. I is supposed to be left alone for 8-11 days, so I will check on it then. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Raf may have lost his appetite for Kombucha after seeing and smelling the SCOBY. It is an acquired taste, that’s for sure. Hopefully ours will turn out tasty.