Happy Holidays!

I don’t have any Christmassy pictures for you this year because I didn’t put up a tree and I’m not going to Spokane to be around anyone who cares enough to decorate. So here’s one that I took today on our walk at Wildwood park. It was a gorgeous day today and the light was […]

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One Year Ago

  I thought it might be fun to see what I took a year ago today and, behold! It was Snowpocolypse! :Shudder: I hope I never have to go through that again. My back hurts just looking at this picture. this was the view from my sidewalk when I woke up the morning after the […]

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Amazing Grace

I thought I should check in on the blog since it has been awhile and my last post was so sad and blubbery. I haven’t picked up my camera since the day my mom told me that Doug didn’t have very long to live. Almost 3 weeks. It’s weird. I don’t understand this. You’d think […]

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What happened

I really feel like I need to write about what happened this past week. This experience, as horrible and heartrending as it was, has changed my life in many ways. A week ago Monday I was hiking on the Salmon River. I was standing on the bank of the river with Raf and we were […]

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