Family ghosts

We finally got a nice day on Monday so we went out hiking and I brought my camera. I got some nice shots of the forest moss. The sun was out for a few hours and then it clouded up in the afternoon and we were back to being gray and dreary. Oh well. Such […]

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Adventures with GPS

We decided to drive to the Coast this past Saturday. We thought we would try out the new GPS system that was given to us for Christmas to get there*. As we drove along Highway 26, ready to make the turn to get onto the Freeway (84) the GPS system told us to continue straight […]

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The Receipt

The other day I was sitting at the table eating dinner. There was a magazine sitting in front of me, one that my mom gave me the last time I was visiting. It looked interesting; it was called something like “Secrets of the Presidents.” I opened it up to a random page. Out fell a […]

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My Saturday Evening

I’ve turned into my Granny Mary. I’m sitting in “my chair” with my knitting and my evening cocktail sitting on my little folding t.v. tray, watching television. Except I’m watching a show about tattooing and not Lawrence Welk. And I’m watching it on the computer.

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