what a week!

Raf and I went on an interesting hike at the Columbia Gorge last weekend. Again we found it in “100 hikes in Northwest Oregon” and it proved to provide us with all kinds mystery. Again. This time the hike referred to a trail that that barely existed. We finally found the trail by chance and […]

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Rest in peace, little guy.

My mom’s dog, Sam died yesterday morning. It wasn’t a big surprise because he was really old for a big dog. 16 years old. We all knew this was coming soon. But still, it’s hard. He was a great dog and we are all going to miss him. In fact, he was my favorite dog. […]

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Adventures in DIY

I decided to make my own hand cream again so last weekend I searched out the original recipe I used. After a bit of googling I found it! I used the linked recipe as a starting point and added to it my own ideas. I thought about eventually, once I get the formula just right, […]

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