Because she asked


Let’s face it. The Oregon rain is getting me down a little bit. Mind you, I like the rain better than the snow and ice and I don’t want to go back to it. At least in rain you can go out and walk without the fear of slipping and falling on your ass. But the constant driving of the rain gets to me after awhile, not to mention the lack of sunlight.

The beginning of the week was a downer. I had a horrible experience at the Oregon DMV on Monday (which, I assure you, I will blog about) and everything kind of went downhill from there for the rest of the week. I woke up yesterday at 4:00 AM freaking out about all of the stuff I have to do for work and couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided that since I was up I might as well run (I started the couch to 5k program this week). It helped. As I ran I made a mental list of things that make me happy and you know what? It totally worked.  I thought, “I should make a blog post about this so that when I get depressed again I can look at it and be happy again.” Guess what? Allie from Incidents and Accidents did the same thing that very day! And she asked her readers “What’s been making you smile lately?” So here are my answers:

socks are the mashed potatos of knitting.

Knitting. And anything yarn and fiber related, really. I seriously love the craft. It comforts me and calms me. It has gotten me though some rough times.

Isn't she breathtaking?

Isn’t she breathtaking?

Mt. Hood. I love Mt. Hood. I have always been fascinated by this mountain, even when I was a little kid. Nothing makes me happier than seeing it when I drive to work in the morning on a clear day. When I see the peak of it it comforts me. I feel complete. Imagining the lupine meadows up at Timberline Lodge is my vision of heaven.

Sunset over Natural Bridges

Watching the sunset or sunrise over the ocean. There is absolutely nothing that compares with this. It is a spiritual experience.

Santa Cruz, I Love you.

Santa Cruz. My heart aches with longing when I think about Santa Cruz. I miss this town so much. When I want to feel happy I think about this place. I swear, sometimes I feel like I left part of my soul there and that part of me is living out life in an alternate universe. Last winter, during the darkest part of that horrible snow we experienced, I would peek at the Santa Cruz beach Cam and it would make my day brighter.

A good song. Today, the above is that song. I think this is why running made me feel better. Listening to music is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Those are just a few things that, when I think about them, give me instant joy and bliss. And since Allie asked on her blog post, and since I think it’s an interesting subject, What makes you happy? I would really love to know! Let’s kill the winter doldrums with some positive energy!

Crafty Monday: long overdue


I thought I was long overdue for a crafty post so here it is! I have a couple of things to show you. The first of these things is a pair of socks. I decided to knit these the day before the drive to see my step-dad. I had just heard that he didn’t have much longer to live and felt that I needed to knit something that would cheer me up a little bit. I bought some Lorna’s Laces sock yarn in this rainbow colorway a few years ago and thought it would be just the thing. Very colorful and cheerful yarn. However, I was a little wary about how it would knit up, based on my other experiences with variegated yarn.

It took me forever to knit these. I worked on them in the car drives to and from Spokane. I finally finished them when I was visiting my mom earlier this month. They are basic toe-up socks in stockinette stitch with a heel flap. Nothing fancy. I think this is my favorite sock pattern. It is so brainless and easy and relaxing. I actually kind of think they turned out o.k. Not as tacky as I thought they would be. I would never wear something like this on any other part of my body, though. Here is the Ravelry link if you want the details on this project.

Zick Zack attack!

The other thing I finished was my Zick Zack Tunic. I absolutely love the way this turned out. I think it’s my favorite knitted item so far. I’ve worn it quite a few times since I finished it, too. I have to say Melissa is a genius designer. I love her work, and I plan to knit another of her sweaters this spring.  It really was a very easy knit. The lace pattern was easy to memorize and sewing it together at the end was a snap.

The yarn I used was Misti Alpaca Lace and it was wonderful to work with, and wear. It’s very soft. I took the buttons from The Olde Button Tin, so they are vintage (and  I wonder what garment they were on before I sewed them on my sweater…).

In short: I love it and Melissa is a genius.

Here’s the Ravelry link for more details.