Artist Trading Cards


I’ve been feeling a little bit uncreative lately and decided to read through the book, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. One of the things that she prescribes is Morning Pages, which I have been doing, via If you want to get in the habit of writing everyday this is an excellent site, by the way. Another thing that is prescribed in the book are “Artist Dates.” This is when you do something creative each week. It can be anything you want, but it just has to nurture your right brain. So a couple of weeks ago, while Raf and I were at Michael’s, I found a kit for Artist Trading Cards. I thought, “Aha! That’s it! This is my artist date.” This would be perfect because collage is something completely new and different for me so I thought I could have fun with it. And I did! I came home and just dived in. I let my right brain take over and, without thinking about it too much, I just created these little cards. They are kind of awful, but I don’t care. They came from my creative self and I had fun doing it.

needle felted ATCSo then I got this idea to try a needle felted ATC. I read up a little bit on ATCs and found that there are really not many rules, except they are supposed to be baseball-card sized, and they are not to be sold, only traded. But other than that, it’s all an open playing field! Since my favorite medium is fiber, and since I had some lying around, I thought, “why not?” Again, I didn’t go into this with any plan, I just found some fiber and, based on the limited colors on had, decided to felt a scene of the sun setting over the ocean. Ocean sunsets are my favorite thing and I needed some cheering up that day. I actually kind of like the way this turned out and I really had fun making it. It actually revived my interest in needle felting and I’ve been working on some little sculptures. I’ll show them to you when I am finished with them. I want to play more with this medium so I’m sure you’ll see more of this type of thing in the future.