A Christmas Miracle!

At least that’s what Raf exclaimed, somewhat sarcastically, when he saw this first. “The snow melted into the shape of a reindeer!” I walked over to where he was. “Holy shit! You’re right” (in case you didn’t know I talk like a sailor in real life. I’m sorry if you have sensitive ears). This random […]

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I promised you the ukulele

Raf started his new job yesterday and he works late and I was bored and decided to practice my ukulele. Then I got the bright idea to record a video of me playing the ukulele for my blog. Admittedly, there was a beer involved in this decision making process. ahem. I am learning Christmas music […]

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The Difficult Post

Today marks exactly one year since Doug died. I have been sort of dreading this day. I’ve actually been dreading this whole holiday weekend  because I knew it would be difficult. I’ve thought about that day many, many times over the past year. It is impossible to think about without tears welling up, no matter […]

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Flickr Time Machine Part 2

I started writing another post about Google Maps but I wasn’t feeling it so I thought, instead, I would delve into the Flickr Time machine again. This time I thought I would go back a few more years, to 2006. This was actually taken on November 27 of that year. It is a picture of […]

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