It occurs to me that I didn’t blog about my latest tattoo. I got this one at the end of June. It was  a last minute kind of thing. I stopped by the tattoo shop raf works at and he was bummed because his appointment didn’t show up. So he asked me if I wanted a tattoo and he showed me the stencil he had all drawn up of this and I said, “sure!” I love it. It’s very pretty, I think. I have it on my upper leg and so it will never be seen by anyone unless I am wearing a bikini which is an extremely rare occurrence. Actually I can’t even remember the last time I wore a bikini. Anyway.

The idea of the Om/Lotus/water is an old standby. The symbol for Om sits above a lotus flower crashing down into some turbulent, Japanese-style waves. I like it because it sort of represents this particular time in my life, this exploration of Buddhism. I like how the Om and the Lotus are splashing on the turbulent water because that’s how I came to this place (as is the case for many, I’m sure). This past year has been very difficult in many ways. I was hurting and needed something to help my heart heal. And, so far, it seems to be really helping. It has given me peace. I may write more about it in another post.

I have a list of tattoos I want to get in the future. here it is:

  1. An enso on my left wrist
  2. Om Mani Padme Hume in Tibetan script.
  3. A four leaf clover with Doug’s initials, D.A.D.
  4. A pretty flower on the top of my foot. I love Dianne’s celtic cross!
  5. A kick-ass knitting tattoo in the old-school tattoo style. Probably black and gray but I do love the classic three color tattoos. I love the one on this blog post. I need to come up with a fun script. Raf came up with “Knit Fast, Dye Yarn.” I kind of like it.
  6. A Richard Scarry bunny. this one to be exact.  (I found this when I was searching for a link to the bunny picture. HOW CUTE!)

So those are “for sure” ones. At least at this time. I won’t be able to get them for awhile though. Raf wants to wait to do them for various reasons. That’s not a bad thing when contemplating tattoos. They are there for life after all.