I did not take any pictures yesterday


I just realized. So I have no photographic evidence of the fun I had. that’s just so sad.

But I did have lots of fun! I took the train to the Hollywood district and walked a million blocks to the first yarn store on our list, Twisted. I walked in the door and there was Preita, sitting on the couch knitting. She stood up and my first thought was “you’re taller than I imagined!” ha!

Seriously though, we had SO much fun together. I’ll admit, I’m very shy about meeting new people (it took me two years to gather my courage to go on a Spokane Flickr photoroll) but Preita and I hit it off like we’ve been friends for years.

We ended up visiting Close Knit and Yarn Garden as well. All three being excellent yarn stores. I bought a little of something at each of them.

We made a few other stops as well. We went to this really cute little fabric shop next door to Close Knit called Bolt. We found some food carts (everyone’s been telling me about these food carts since I moved here). ¬†We went to Powells (Preita had never been there and we needed to remedy that situation). The most interesting thing I saw yesterday was in the Fred Meyer Parking lot. There was an older man driving around the parking lot with his window rolled down and he was singing along with radio (country) literally at the top of his voice. It was really kind of awesome.

So. To sum up. It was a very good day.