on a happier note

Health and Fitness
The Junker Building

The Junker Building in Sandy. Taken today on my break.

I was reading over some of my recent posts and, wow. it could be construed that I’m a complete wreck. I’m actually not at all. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. despite the weather and the fact that soon it will be the anniversary of Doug’s death. I’ll admit I do get a little bit down sometimes when I think about it but I think these are normal feelings. I do plan to write a few more posts about these feelings before the month is over.

But otherwise things are really good!

One of these good things is my health. I’ve been really inspired by Kate’s transformation and finally decided to make some changes in my own life, health wise. When my dad was visiting in October he mentioned that he joined Weight Watchers and that he was having some success with it. I thought about it and decided to sign up online. The first week was really difficult. I had to really change the way I eat. But once I figured it all out it’s been a breeze. I’ve lost about 11 pounds since I joined in mid-October. So. yay!

I also re-committed to running and feel like I’m going at it pretty strong. I was in a pretty good running groove up until last Summer when I got bronchitis. But I  jumped back into it and it feels really good. I’m finally back up to running 3 miles. My goal is 5. So that’s what I’m working on now. I’m REALLY looking forward to trail running this Spring. I guess I could go now but I’m not super thrilled with running in the rain. But it’s probably not a bad experience. I’m not sure what I’m afraid of. It’s just rain.

One thing that I have been trying to incorporate is the aspect of mindfulness while eating. I’ve been paying close attention to how my body feels before, during, and after I eat. This has seemed to help me in the process.

Also, I have a severe addiction to sweets. This has been the biggest thing for me to overcome. But the way I’ve been able to get through it has been to tell myself that I don’t have to eat them. If someone brings cookies to work there is no law that says I have to eat it. Or there is no law that says I have to eat an entire cookie. I can have half a cookie. Somehow this little mantra has helped me overcome this addiction to sweets. I have no idea why. Perhaps it’s the realization that I have control over what I put into my body.

So. Yes. Good things going on over here. Hope things are good for you too!