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So I talked about how I’m eating all healthily and not eating sugar and blah blah blah. Well, yesterday I was tempted by the evil that is known as the M&M jar. M&M’s are my downfall. They wouldn’t be so bad if I could just stop at one or two. But no. Once I start eating them I literally can’t stop. This blog post is pretty much an accurate description of me when I start eating M&Ms. this quote in particular:

My need for sugar would become so massive, that it would collapse in upon itself and create a vacuum into which even more sugar would be drawn until all the world had been stripped of sweetness.

So. anyway. I had a little sugarfest yesterday that started with M&Ms and ended with the cutest little japanese cupcakes ever.

None of it even tasted that good. And eventually I started feeling terrible. I was reminded of the book that I read in storytime the day before, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and how he ate through all of this yummy food on Saturday but ended up with a stomach ache.

I woke up this morning and seriously felt terrible. I still kind of do. I almost talked myself out of running. I’ve been on this really great streak for a couple of months and to have it all just collapse because of a sugar hangover? How sad!

it was actually kind of enlightening to really be able to step back and see how my actions produced this result in the way I feel. I’ve never really noticed it before. So next time I will most definitely think twice before sticking my hand, mindlessly, into the m&m jar.

Lesson learned.