I take after my Granny Mary, Pt. 1


My grandmother, Mary Boucher I miss my granny mary so much. She died 18 years ago. I still think about her nearly everyday.

As I grow older I’m realizing how much I am like her. For example, she liked to knit. And it just so happens that I like to knit, too. When I was younger I looked at her knitting as something grandmothers or old ladies did. I picked up this hobby around the time that she died, 18 years ago, because I was drawn to it. I think it was a way to keep her memory alive in my mind.

I SO get why she knitted. And it wasn’t because she was old and that is what old ladies do. Like me, she picked up the hobby in her twenties or thirties and enjoyed it all of her life. She was this beautiful woman you see in the picture and she knitted. She was also my grandmother who knitted when she was older.

I love that we have this little connection. If you are a knitter you understand what I’m talking about. There is something about the process that soothes the soul. To quote Elizabeth Zimmerman:

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit, either.

I also really like that, because of this hobby that I love, I have a little bit of insight into her as someone other than just my grandmother. She was also a woman like me. Someone who receives great joy from creating something from two sticks and some string.

There is another way in which we are similar that I have recently discovered. This realization came with the discovery of a cassette tape found in a desk drawer of her old house, which my uncle now occupies. I will tell this story tomorrow.