I take after my Granny Mary, Pt. 2


Matt, Grandpa Ed, Granny Mary, and me

One warm Summer night, when I was still living in Spokane, at a family barbeque at my mom’s house, my mom tells us that my uncle found a cassette tape in a desk drawer and he didn’t know what to do with it so he gave it to my mom. She came home and popped it into a tape player and listened. It was a tape my granny mary recorded when she and my grandpa were on vacation. The used to go on road trips to mexico during the summer and this was one of those road trips. Each day she would talk a little bit about the day and what she saw. Click on the link for a little snippet (you have to click through a couple of times. I can’t figure out how to embed the media file into this post):
granny mary

So my mom puts on this tape and it was absolutely mind blowing. None of us had heard my grandparent’s voices since they died. I had forgotten what they sounded like! I’m not sure I can even describe what I was feeling when I heard this. It was liking seeing a ghost, only a very friendly, loving ghost. It was wonderful.

My brother made a CD of the cassette and I have it on my iPod. Last summer when I was at my cousin’s house I played it for him. As we listened to it we talked about her and how odd it was for her to have made this tape. She recorded all of this on her vacation so she could share her time with her grandkids but then stuck the tape in a drawer, totally forgetting about it. Then we marveled at how ahead of her time she was. My cousin is quite a bit older than me and saw my grandmother a little bit differently than I did. He mentioned that she loved technology and wasn’t surprised that she utilized the latest technology to share her life with her family.

As we talked about this I realized that my grandmother would totally be a blogger if she was alive today. Seriously! Because isn’t that was this cassette tape is? She felt compelled to share her adventures with others. She was essentially “blogging” her vacation.

It was kind of cool to realize this about her and to realized that we have another thing in common. Because I totally get why she made that tape.