On the comfort of bookstores

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Storytime booksYesterday I found myself in Portland in the Hawthorne neighborhood. Raf had an interview at Voodoo Tattoo and I tagged along. I spent some time walking around and checking out the shops. I was very impressed with how incredibly friendly people are there. There is a shop that sells nothing but clogs so I wandered in. As I chatted with the woman who worked there I mentioned that my husband was interviewing for a job down the street. She ended up giving me the “Hawthorne Discount” on my shoes “in good faith” that he would get the job. sweet!

The interview ended up going way longer than I expected so I started to get a little bored. I walked by Powells to kill some more time. As I walked through the stacks of books I began to relax. I felt at home. I could get completely lost looking at books. I could wander the isles until something serendipitously caught my attention and then I could page through the book for as long as I wanted and nobody would bother me.

another thing that was comforting about being there were the people. Everybody was having the same experience as me it seemed. I felt like I was among my people. the quiet, book loving tribe of people who like to disappear in the stacks of libraries and bookstores. It’s nice to realize, once on awhile, that there are people like me out there.

I think this is why I will never like the Kindle (or any other e-book reader) over the good old fashioned book. It’s the book store/library browsing experience. That wonderful feeling that comes when you happen to find that perfect book, the one that is just right for you right now at this time, as if it is just waiting for you on the shelf for you to find it and take it home.

That actually happened in kind of a weird way yesterday. I found Richard Scarry’s “I am a bunny” board book sitting, randomly, in with the writing books. It was really odd, especially since I’ve thought about and written about Richard Scarry and his bunnies a couple of times this month. So of course I bought it. How could I not?

Rafael ended up getting the job, incidentally. so yay! He goes by Valen. So if you are in the area and need ink…