Flickr Time Machine Part 2


Abandoned Car

I started writing another post about Google Maps but I wasn’t feeling it so I thought, instead, I would delve into the Flickr Time machine again. This time I thought I would go back a few more years, to 2006. This was actually taken on November 27 of that year. It is a picture of an abandoned car in the wooded area that was a few blocks behind my house in Spokane. For some bizarre reason I don’t understand, it has gotten a large number of views. At least a large number of views for my photostream. For many people 268 views is nothing but for me it’s quite significant. Why are people interested in an abandoned car?

Of course this is coming from the person who took the weird photo in the first place.

Anyway, Raf and I had moved into our house the previous June and so it was still “new” to us. I hadn’t had much of a chance to explore the neighborhood so was really excited to find this unpopulated place so close to my house. It was kind of a fun adventure.