This is what I sound like

I came across this meme on Sassenach’s blog when I was catching up on my blog reading the other day. Since then I’ve found it all over the internet on lots of other blogs and Youtube. I find this kind of thing fascinating. I’ve always been interested in the study of dialects and accents. So […]

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Photography Friday

Here is a photo I took this morning with my iPod. I took it using the True HDR app, which I recently downloaded. I haven’t had a chance to use it much but will play around with it this weekend if I can get outside. I have to say, I’m having lots of fun taking […]

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Running update

So. Running. It is going pretty well. My ankle healed and I’m happy about that. I took a few days off and iced it everyday and that seemed to do the trick. I stopped running on the incline treadmill as I think that might have aggravated it. When I decided I could run on it […]

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Photography Friday: Weeds

Oh my goodness! how has more than a week gone by? I’ve been busy. I met Preita again for coffee! This time at Tiny’s in NorthEast Portland. I think so far this is my favorite place. It wasn’t pretentious. The coffee was pretty good. Everything about it was cool. Except for one thing. There were […]

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