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About a month ago I bought a pair of Vibram KSOs. Apparently they can’t make these fast enough so many stores are out of a lot of the sizes. I had to buy the men’s version and they are wide so I’ve been getting blisters. It’s not terribly bad though.

I had been easing myself into barefoot running on the treadmill, running barefoot for a portion of my run. I loved it. It gave me lots of energy, for some reason. But as I’ve been reading up on it, I’ve learned that you don’t want to rush into it too fast. Then I bought the Vibrams and I just started running the entire treadmill run with them on and, while it doesn’t feel as fantastic as running barefoot (all of those nerves on the bottom of the foot) it’s still better than running with shoes, I think.

Around the time I bought the Vibrams our treadmill died. We decided to buy a new one and we found one locally that looked good and was on sale for a great price. We got it home and put it together. We discovered that we had bought an incline treadmill. I hadn’t known such a thing existed. When I saw the word “incline” on the ad I just assumed it meant that you could make it incline, like all treadmills do. Well this is inclined all the time. You can choose between a 10% incline or a 20% incline. In short: it is a fucking gnarly workout. And when I say gnarly I mean I am dizzy when I get off the thing.

I had worked up to running 5k but when I tried to run 5k on this thing it was just too difficult. So my new goal was to just be able to run for 30 minutes on it. Today I accomplished this goal! I only ran 2 miles but I did it.

I’ve added a fourth run to my week on Sundays. I want to run outside at least one day a week. (when it’s light at 5am I’ll run outside in the mornings but until then, it’s the treadmill.) I’ve been running on the high school track to get my feet and legs used to running with the Vibrams on outside on harder pavement. The first week was excruciating. I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. I hobbled around for days; my calves were so. sore. The second week was a little bit better. I got that same blister on my left big toe and my calves still hurt but the recovery time was much shorter. I was in pretty good shape the next day. The third time was this past Sunday and it felt awesome. Like the other times, I ran three miles. But my pace increased and I ran a 10 minute mile which is very good for me.

I’ve been thinking about running Bloomsday for few months. It’s a good excuse to got to Spokane to visit the family AND it gives me something to work toward. I asked for the time off at work and if I can get it off I’ll sign up. I need the motivation. It’s 12k. Which is considerably more than 5k. But at least it will be a healthy challenge. I found this really cool training tool on the Runner’s World website called Smartcoach. Unfortunately you have to sign up for an account to see the page which is a huge pain in the ass, but It’s kind of worth it if you want to train for something. There is also an iPod app, as well. Anyway, you fill in the form, entering details about the race you want to train for, and it gives you a training schedule. So I’m going to use it to train for Bloomsday.

This post was a little chatty so I’ll stop there. Next time I’ll write about my husband’s homemade running huaraches.

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