Elation and frustration

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somewhere near the Old Salmon River Trailhead

This past week has been both good and bad. The good: I ran 5k  on the Old Salmon River trail on Sunday and it was AWESOME. We originally decided to go running at Wildwood Park because the trail is paved and flat and I thought it would be a good surface for me to run on outside. But, as is typically the case on the weekend, the parking lot was full so we headed over to the Salmon River. I wasn’t super thrilled with jumping in, full steam ahead, with actual trail running in Vibrams. But I just bit the bullet and did it anyway. It was so. fun. And actually much easier than running on the track. The soft surface felt heavenly compared to the track. I had to walk over some of the rockier areas (that lava rock can be sharp) but it was an otherwise excellent run and I enjoyed it immensely.

The Bad news: my ankle started hurting me a little bit sometime last week but I ran through the pain. It hurt a little bit during my trail run on Sunday too. When I got on the treadmill on Tuesday I took two steps and it HURT. So I decided to not run that day. It was very frustrating, especially when I’d been having so much fun! My ankle still hurts a little bit. I tried running on it a little this morning to see how it felt and it hurt. Tomorrow is a running day so I’ll see how it feels. I’m hoping very much that it is better by then. I don’t  know what it could be, whether I twisted something, or if it is from running in the Vibrams, or if it’s from running on that gnarly incline treadmill. Either way, it’s frustrating. This is one of the things I hate about running, weird little injuries like this. I am really, really hoping it’s not some kind of Achilles tendinitis thing because that would totally suck.

So, for me, the jury is still kind of out on minimalist running. I’m not sure if it’s the best thing for me or not. I did really enjoy it on the trail. I think I liked it better than when I have regular running shoes on. I feel like I have more control (not tripping on branches and rocks, etc). But for the incline treadmill and the track I may go back to running in my shoes.

Also, my boss gave me the Saturday before Bloomsday off. So there’s that. I guess I’ll sign up. In some ways this whole training-for-a-race thing stresses me out. So now I’m thinking I’ll do my best to train but give myself permission to walk and run it. I’m not sure I’m going to be ready to run seven miles by May 1st.

I didn’t tell you about Raf’s running huaraches. I’ll post about that next week.