Running update

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This is what the moon looked like Saturday Morning before my run.

So. Running. It is going pretty well. My ankle healed and I’m happy about that. I took a few days off and iced it everyday and that seemed to do the trick. I stopped running on the incline treadmill as I think that might have aggravated it. When I decided I could run on it I mapped out a 2 mile run using the website walkjogrun (which is awesome, by the way). I decided to run in my regular running shoes. The run felt pretty good. However, I did noticed that my sciatica flared up when I was finished. I thought that interesting.

So the next time I ran the same route in my Vibrams and guess what? no pain whatsoever. My heel didn’t even hurt.

I’ve decided to nix the training schedule I mentioned in a previous blog post and just do my own thing. I’m not concerned about speed at all. And I’ve given myself permission to walk and run Bloomsday (if I decide to sign up). What I’m going to do instead is just add another Kilometer each week. So this week I’m up to 6k.

It’s been really cold outside in the morning. This morning it actually snowed. I’ve been bundled up, so I’m keeping warm. The only problem is that my toes get REALLY cold. Some of them get numb and that freaks me out a little bit. So I’m looking forward to spring and the ground being warmer.

Rafael is really into running completely barefoot or with running huaraches. He made a couple of pairs of his own. The second pair he was running and they worked really well. But he decided to buy some of the Lunas that Barefoot Ted sells. I’m actually thinking about buying a pair myself and trying them out. I think Raf might get them for me for my birthday. Raf started a running blog if you are interested. It’s called Barefoot Runner’s Life. He’s even posted some You Tube videos. Can you believe that? My camera-shy husband. He really does exist! 🙂