Photography Friday


Here is a photo I took this morning with my iPod. I took it using the True HDR app, which I recently downloaded. I haven’t had a chance to use it much but will play around with it this weekend if I can get outside.

I have to say, I’m having lots of fun taking photos with my ipod. The camera in it is crap, and that bugs me sometimes. But the applications for it are awesome. I’m probably going to buy an iPhone pretty soon now that they switched to Verizon. I kind of only want to get an iPhone because of the better camera. is that bad?

I realized that today is the three year anniversary of getting hit by a car. This is the kind of thing that I really don’t want to celebrate the anniversary of and the only reason why I am thinking about it is because I injured my back two weeks ago by slipping on a (very hard) rock while hiking. Just slipped right on it and landed flat on my back. I twisted my wrist trying to catch myself. I was o.k. when it happened and felt fine the next day, as well. But when I was sitting in a class last week my back started aching. And it kind of hasn’t stopped with varying degrees of pain. So one of those delayed reactions kinds of things, much like when I got hit by that car three years ago.