I am a ninja

Health and Fitness


Raf made the interesting observation that my black Vibrams look like shoes that a ninja would wear. And he wears Lunas when he runs, which look like shoes that a gladiator would wear. So in our household it’s the Ninja Vs. the Gladiator.

I’ve been plauged by weird injuries these past few months. It started out with a pulled muscle in my thigh from something I did in storytime. Then I sprained my ankle (god knows how I did that). Then I slipped on a rocked and bruised my rib. That particular injury sucked. The most recent one is a bruised heel. Like I stepped on a rock too hard or something. I’ve been limping around all week.

But! I have been able to run on it. Since I don’t wear running shoes anymore and, therefore, no longer heel strike when I run, it doesn’t hurt at all while running. So that’s the good news.

On Tuesday, since I was finally feeling pretty good, I decided to try to run a little farther. I got to 5k and noticed that that’s when, for me, the endorphins kick in and I feel like I can go forever. So I decided to run until I got to 6k and then turn around. When I finally got home I found that I had run a little over 4 miles. That is the longest I have run in I can even remember! So I was stoked. This morning I mapped out a 4 mile run and did it again.

I also finally signed up for Bloomsday. It is the first Sunday in May which is coming up pretty quickly. I really, really want to run the whole thing so, barring any other weird injuries, I’m going to really try to ramp up my mileage in the next few weeks.