comfort zone


Saturday night Raf and I went to Live Wire! in Portland. Live Wire is a radio program taped live on stage and features local indie bands and interviews. We were guests of Scott Poole, the house poet. At the end of each show Scott sums up each show with a poem. I went so that I could get some author photos of Scott in action for his forthcoming poetry book, published by Colonus (a small press that Raf has been doing graphic design work for).

So. Live Wire. I had never been. Actually, I have never experienced anything like it before. We walked in the door and the first thing I saw was this friendly man dressed in a tight red dress, handing me a program. I was sort of taken aback. I mean, I’ve been living in conservative Spokane for 4 years so this sort of thing surprises me a little bit. But once I got over this initial reaction I was stoked. Ah, to be in the land of wild-minded liberals again. love it.

The show was full of awesome. Loved the bands (I’ll be blogging about that later on). And the interviews were great, too. One of those interviewed was the inventor of the wiki, Ward Cunningham. I was kind of in awe at being in his presence, as nerdy as that sounds. He sat in the row behind us before he went up on stage to be interviewed. I love Wikipedia. I use it everyday. I even read the discussion pages on entries (have you ever done that? It’s fascinating!!) I love the whole idea behind Wikipedia. So, needless to say, I was very happy to be at that particular show so that I could see that interview.

Going out is something we do not do. Raf and I prefer to stay home. ¬†Walking around one of these shows with a camera taking pictures? Yikes. Not exactly something I’m comfortable with. But I did it and I’m glad. It’s nice to step out of my comfort zone. It makes life interesting.