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So. I’ve been listening to the Live Wire podcast and loving it. It is introducing me to all of these great bands that I’d never heard of before. One of them (and I can’t believe I didn’t know about these guys) is the Thermals. I downloaded their most recent album, Personal Life. I love it. This is exactly the kind of music I love the most. I love that post-punk, dance-pop sort of sound, with really great guitar hooks. I can’t believe this band has been off of my radar.

I especially love the video for “Never Listen to Me.” I seriously can’t stop watching it. I read somewhere that it was one of the last videos shot with Kodachrome film. It’s really beautiful; the warm, saturated colors. Watching it makes me happy. I love the sunlight and that the band appears to be basking in it and enjoying it under a tree. I can totally relate to that feeling. We have so few sunny days here and when it is nice I want to savor every moment.