I’ve been thinking about impermanence this week. It started on Tuesday when I first heard about Google+.  It looks really cool. It looks like it might be everything I wish Facebook is. So it got me thinking about Facebook and whether or not Google+ will kill it. I thought about Myspace and how Facebook completely obliterated it 3 years ago.  Interesting how things change isn’t it?

My blog broke the other day. In a major way. I went to upload a few pictures and noticed that there was an update, so I clicked on the link to update. That was it. I haven’t been able to get into the admin screen since. First it went into maintenance mode and I could do nothing.Then the public view of the blog came back, but when I tried to get into the admin panel I encountered errors. I will spare you the technical crap. Instead I will tell you how it made me feel. I felt like I was watching a train-wreck. And the train was a train that I lovingly build and crafted myself.

O.k. I’m probably being a bit over-dramatic. But it was very upsetting. I have spent hours and hours designing and building my blog and I was watching it just crumble into dust. It was sad.

But! There is good news. A few weeks ago I thought I might want to just have host my blog so I set one up and imported my blog posts. After poking around I decided I didn’t want to do that but left it up. So, thank goodness, I had a back up.

I am now having wordpress host my blog. It is for the best. My php coding days are over. I just really could care less about that crap now.

All of that to say that this has been a lesson in impermanence. Well sort of. My blog isn’t dead, it just seemed like it was for a short time. But the so-called “disaster” has led to me re-thinking how I blog and how I organize things and it has sort of forced me to do something about it.

Plus, I’m having fun re-designing things. So take a look around if you get a chance. I’m using WordPress‘s 2011 theme, taking advantage of the “featured page” on my index page.  The dots above the header link to posts that I want to feature. Also, I’ve decided to move my 365 photo project to wordpress. I’m going to use that for my iPod photos/hipstamatic photos. You can find it here.

A very rambly way to say that it all turned out o.k.

p.s. I am on Google+ now. I’m hoping it kills Facebook. Let me know if you are on or if you want to be so we can connect over there…