In Bloom

I am on vacation and plan to get outside as much as possible. Yesterday Raf and I went hiking, again, up on the Timberline Trail. This time we did not run into snow. Instead we ran into the most breathtaking wildflowers you will ever see. Seriously. absolutely breathtaking. The blooming lupines create a carpet of […]

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soul balm

These pretty flowers were shot up at Timberline Lodge a few weeks ago. We tried to hike to Zig Zag Canyon but ran into snow. I decided to try hiking in my Vibrams again and had lots of fun in them and was able to cross some of the snow fields but eventually they became […]

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Photography Friday: Brewgrass

Sandy is a great place to live all year round but it is especially fun in the summer. There is lots to do and the city does a great job to make it all happen. Shakespeare in the park, movies, concerts, all of it free! And the Mountain Festival. We can’t forget that. Unfortunately, I […]

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Family ghosts found

A year and a half (how has it been that long?!?) I wrote about an old Graveyard near where I live where my cousins are buried. I wrote a little about it in that post. Before I moved here I had no idea that my uncle lived in Sandy in the sixties. We used to […]

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