One Sentence for Each Year of My Life


Mt. St. Helens expelled her ash and it rained down on us in 1980.

This is a very long list. Because I’m old.

1969: I’m still considered a child of the sixties, right?

1970: I’m not the youngest anymore. Damn.

1971: I can yell louder than the baby.

1972: Fuck this middle child shit.

1973: Musical Kindergarten!

1974: Real Kindergarten and the Spokane World’s Fair!

1975: Chicken Pox during Spring Break.

1976: I think I finally learned how to ride a bike.

1977: Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Saturday Night Fever.

1978: Disco

1979: Running very fast in rotary track club.

1980: We are covered in ash. and no more glasses!

1981: New step-dad and being utterly embarrassed by my mom being pregnant with new brother.

1982: Goodbye old friends, hello new ones.

1983: Majorly awkward freshman year.

1984: First boyfriend.

1985: More high-school awkwardness

1986: Chior.

1987: Just looking forward to getting the hell out of High School.

1988: Terrible grades but super fun times with new friends in college.

1989: Grades continue to plummet due to fun friends so decided to move to New York to be a nanny.

1990: This is the happiest year of my life so far, due having new adventures.

1991: California here I come!

1992: I was friends with a bunch of Scandinavian nannies this year and we had a lot of fun.

1993: The year I met my husband. Also the year I inexplicably decide to be a Christian.

1994: Crazy Pentecostal, psychologically damaging, year.

1995: Questioning crazy Christian ways.

1996: Earnestly getting through community college so I can transfer.

1997: The year I married my husband! Also, University of California at Santa Cruz, w00t!

1998: Study, study study, write bullshit literature papers, study.

1999: Library school, and a new job at Santa Clara University.

2000: I began working in the “The Cave” AKA Government Documents at Santa Clara.

2001: Do I even have to say it? (9/11)

2002: Study, Study, Study (and this is boring library school stuff. Not fun Lit. degree stuff).

2003: Library Degree? Yes Please!

2004: Science Librarian? Sure!

2005: How the fuck did I become a Science Librarian?

2006: Children’s Librarian that’s more like it. But how the fuck did I end up back in Spokane?

2007: Photography saves my sanity.

2008: Snow.

2009: Hello, Oregon! Goodbye Doug 😦

2010: I am a zombie.

2011: I am happy.

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