On Art Appreciation.

Thoughts and Opinions

Dutch Paintings

The type of art I appreciate most is the the art that speaks me at a particular moment. Sometimes I can’t verbalize why I like a particular piece. Most of the time I can’t, actually. And if I can I’m probably bullshitting my way through the explanation. Usually the piece hits me deep within my guts. It hits me in that place where the artist created it. And because of this our souls are communicating with each other. I love this the most about art. That it connects us together at a profound level. A friend said to me once, “Creative spaces are holy places” and I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

I tend to love the visual arts and the language arts more than any other art form, though. Good writing will make me weak in the knees. And reading a good poem will blow my mind. I LOVE reading or hearing a poem and thinking, “Damn. That was a GOOD poem.” I love looking at a painting or a photograph and thinking the same thing. I’m not sure there is a feeling better than that, that feeling of your soul being touched by another person’s creation.

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