The Dangers of Procrastination


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My first car was a Ford Pinto. In fact, it was my step-dad Doug’s Ford Pinto. When I learned how to drive (he taught me. My mom didn’t have the patience) he gave me his Pinto, which was really nice of him. It was a super dorky car to drive at the time. You may not even know what a Ford Pinto is because they stopped making them in 1980 (well before I got my driver’s licence)*.

So anyway, when I was a teen I really didn’t care or understand a thing about cars (I still don’t but am slightly more responsible). And my Pinto had problems with leaking oil. So every now and then I needed to buy oil and put it in the car to keep it running.

Eventually I got very lazy about this chore. So, yeah, you can imagine what might have happened. The engine completely died. Out in Airway Heights, WA in the middle of the night. If you know anything about Eastern Washington you know that Airway Heights is in the middle of nowhere.

So that was fun. I guess. Honestly, I can’t really remember what happened when it died. I think I called my younger brother at a gas station and he came to pick me up. So it all worked out fine and wasn’t that horrible at all. Things happen, we deal with them and move on.

But the fun thing about this Plinky prompt is that it got me thinking about that Ford Pinto I used to drive, looking at pictures of them makes me giggle a little bit. It also makes me wish my hand-me-down car was something way cooler like a Dodge Dart.

*Fun Fact: According to Wikipedia, Forbes added it to its list of “Worst Cars of All Time.”

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