Albums I Listened to While Growing Up

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Music has always been a huge part of my life. I move through the world with a soundtrack always playing in the background. This is true now and it was true when I was a kid. There are so many record albums that I listened to that mean so much to me; so many stories and memories. Here are a few:

1. My mom used to have a really cool collection of records that she owned when she was a teenager in the 50’s. One record that I remember in particular is Elivis Presley’s Blue Suede Shoes single. It wasn’t a 45 though. It was a 78 (points to you if you know what those numbers mean). My mom was super cool and she actually let us play her old records unattended (actually, now that I think about it, that may not be true. We may have just played it without asking first). My younger brother and I would invite our neighborhood friends over and we would play Blue Suede Shoes (and other old records) and dance around the living room. During one of these impromptu dance parties one of us got a bit too energetic and a shoe came flying off a foot and landed, smack, in the middle of the record. It cracked down the middle. I think my mom cried when she saw it. I still feel very, very bad about that.

2. Saturday Night Fever was a popular movie when I was 8 years old and the album was owned by either my sister or my mom. It was played and played and played and danced to many times. My older sister taught me how to disco dance to that album.

3. When my mom met my step-dad Doug she bought the album Willie and Family Live because he loved Willie Nelson and introduced her to his music. This was another one we would play and go nuts to. This is the album that caused me to forever be a fan of old Willie Nelson. Love him! (so. much.)

3. In High School I owned Michael Jackson’s Thriller and played it all the time. A couple of years ago I found it at my mom’s house. My mom also gave me an old turntable owned by my grandmother so I actually played the vinyl record quite a few times when I lived in Spokane and it sounded so sweet. Scratches and all. I left the record and the turntable in Spokane when I moved to Oregon.

4. Duran Duran. Another High School favorite. I listened to Rio constantly, to the dismay of my family.

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