playing cameras


I can’t believe it has already been a year since Preita moved to Vancouver and we started hanging out with each other on a regular basis. We’ve been trying to get together once a month for coffee, knitting, and photography (or “playing cameras” as she puts it). We talked a little bit yesterday about how awkward it is to meet someone in person for the first time. For us, that awkwardness lasted for, like 5 minutes. Maybe even less.

She wanted to check out this area of Portland she had driven through briefly when she first moved here. It turned out to be a goldmine of interesting things to photograph. I don’t know what the official name of the neighborhood is (it seems like every neighborhood has a name around here) but it was located on the river, the east side, underneath the Morrison Bridge and I-5 interchange.

Whenever we take photos together I find that she has taken ninja shots of me when I’m not looking. It’s kinda funny. I thought I was being all sneaky and returning the favor but I’m not as good with the ninja shots because she totally knew what I was doing.
Ninja shot

We had fun! Preita asked me to bring my ukulele so I did and I played some tunes for her while she snapped some portraits of me:


Monica & Her Ukulele

Monica Ukulele